Life is all about ME, baby!

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
The stress! The stress!

Eduwonkette tagged me. As a new blogger, this is both appreciated (thanks!) and stressful. I'm supposed to write seven things about me people don't know. Since I haven't been blogging very long and like to chat, that's easy.

1. I am a Nancy Drew aficionado.
2. I am trying to green my life—at least in baby steps. (I try to shop at
Boutique Chartreuse)
3. I am always behind in grading papers.
4. I am a big Cardinals fan and am grieving over the trade of Jimmy (end of an era!)
5. I listen to talk radio (
6. I collect Christmas music (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is on my list!)
7. Like
PREA Prez, the most famous person I've met was Muhammad Ali. I rode with him in an elevator at a convention.

Between being the new girl in town and late to the party, I'm begging off tagging others this time (per
NYC Educator). I must admit to enjoying clicking through to sites I don't usually read. Fun!